About us

About us 

  • We aim to dispatch all orders withing 24h (with exception for heavily loaded days).
  • We value a quick and helpful customer support.
  • We offer free shipping on all orders above SEK1000 (about €100, or $110).

Who are reachgenius?

Who is Gustav?

Gustav is the so-called visionary in this project. It is he who manages the store's development. His greatest passion is music production - but self-development, mental health and science lies close to his heart. He has over 10 years of experience in e-commerce, is a trained IT technician with a general entrepreneurial spirit, making him very responsive to the needs of the customers.

Who is Kim?

Kim is ReachGenius's so-called integrator. He is the spider in the web that makes sure that everything is flowing as it should. Kim is also responsible for the production / distribution center. Kim is a student who studies behavioral science and has just taken a bachelor's degree in sociology. He also runs a number of companies alongside his studies that gives him a huge variety of experience and enjoyment. Kim also contributes with his knowledge of market research and can easily orientate himself through the jungle of the bureaucracy.



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